Starvi solutions has earned its reputation as a provider of the 'best of breed' real-time transaction and information management software due to our commitment towards our customers while scattering to their needs. Hence provide products and services that improve our customer’s business by delivering maximum profitability and return on investment.
Starvi Software Solutions Inc.,'s products are the result of our expert market knowledge combined with creative thinking and business vision, which have enabled us to exploit the benefits of new technologies to the full.

Real-time assessment of transactions, risk and information has become fundamental to all areas of trading in both large and small-scale operations. Starvi Software Solutions Inc., anticipated this business requirement and our transaction and information management tools have been designed for use at every level across the global trading enterprise.

A key design feature of our systems and applications are the business rules and visualization techniques that we employ. These unique methods enable us to present the business processes and the results of complex calculations in an intuitive format that the user can instantly comprehend. As such, they provide a powerful aid to business analysis and decision making.
We have helped build the transaction and information management platforms of some of the major investment banks in and around CA. and some of the most advanced bookmaking operators in world. If you need a solid, resilient, fast, scalable and efficient transaction and information management platform, you have come to just the right place.