Online Training

Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software testing also provides an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation.

Online Training available for various technologies:

  • JAVA
  • Oracle SQL & PL/SQL
  • Informatica
  • Load Runner
  • Quick Test Professional
  • Utest

Load Runner

LoadRunner software is an automated performance and load testing product from Hewlett-Packard for examining system behavior and performance while generating actual load.LoadRunner can emulate hundreds or thousands of concurrent users to put the application through the rigors of real-life user loads while collecting information from key infrastructure components (Web servers, database servers etc). The results can then be analyzed in detail, to explore the reasons for particular behavior.

LoadRunner consists of several different tools: Virtual User Generator (VuGen), Controller, load generators, Analysis, and Launches.

Virtual User Generator:

The Virtual User Generator (VuGen) ) is used to emulate the steps of real human users. VuGen lets the user record and/or script a test to be performed against an application under test, and playback and makes modifications to the script as needed, such as defining Parameterization.



Quick Test Professional

QuickTest Professional software provides functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. It works by identifying the objects in the application user interface or a web page and performing desired operations. QuickTest Professional uses a VBScript scripting language to specify the test procedure and to manipulate the objects and controls of the application under test.

Different stages in Quick Test Professional are:

  • Verification
  • Exception handling
  • Data driven testing
  • Automating custom and complex UI objects
  • Extensibility
  • Test results


uTest offers functional, usability and load & performance testing for web, mobile and desktop software applications. uTest’s business model is based on the idea that crowdsourcing is better suited to web and mobile app testing than other outsourcing models.

uTest’s platform can be integrated with bug-tracking systems such as Jira, Rally and Bugzilla.